Francisca Duran

Francisca Duran op IFFR

Francisca DURAN (1967, Chile) has lived primarily in Toronto since the military coup in Chile in 1973. She also spent time in Kingston where she received a BAH in Film Studies from Queens University. She has experience in graphic design, arts administration and as member of college faculty. She combines digital and analogue media to broach issues related to her exile status and the intersection points of memory, history, politics and technology. Her works have been shown at HotDocs, DOK Leipzig, BFI London IFF, Images Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, TIFF, the John Hansard Gallery and IFFR.


(all short) Cuentos de Mi Ninez/Tales from My Childhood (1991), She Was So Young Back Then (2002), Retrato Oficial/Official Portrait (2003), Swing (2004), Dominion (2003), Does This Mean We’re Going Together? (2004), Boy (2005), In the Kingdom of Shadows (2006), Mr. Edison’s Ear (2008), Retrato Oficial (2009), Even If My Hands Were Full of Truths (2012), 8401 (2017), Traje de Luces/Suit of Lights (2018)

Francisca Duran op IFFR

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