FLATFORM (2006, Italy) is a group of artists based in Milan and Berlin. The collective was founded in 2006 and makes installations and films. The video Sunday, 6th April, 11:42 a.m. (2008) has been shown at international festivals and galleries and won several prizes. In 2014, their film Trento Symphonia has received a nomination for a Tiger Award for Short Films in Rotterdam.


(all short, selection) About Zero (2007), With Nature There Are No Special Effects, Only Consequences (2007), People Roll Down from Other Places (2007), 9:2 (2008), Domenica, 6 Aprile, ore 11:42/Sunday, 6th April, 11:42 a.m. (2008), 57.600 secondi di notte e luce invisibili/57.600 Seconds of Invisible Night and Light (2010, co-dir), Un luogo a venire/A Place to Come (2011), Trento Symphonia (2014), Quantum. (2015)