Erin Buelow

Erin BUELOW (Canada) is a multimedia artist based in Winnipeg. He graduated in Film Production from York University in Ontario, spending his exchange year at University in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He has directed over 10 short films which were shown at Winnipeg Fringe Festival, WNDX Festival of Moving Image, ArtCity Short Film Festival, Toronto Queer Film Festival and IFFR.

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(selection, all short) Cult of the Cup (2011), Birth of the Alseides (2012), Esmé (2013), Not to Discou[Rage] You (2013, co-dir), Glossolalia (2013), Lobotomies (2015), Joe Doesn't Realise (His Mind is Hacked) (2014), Undone (2018, co-dir)