Eric Khoo

Eric KHOO (1965, Singapore) studied film at the City Art Institute in Sydney. In 1990, five of his short films were shown at the Singapore International Film Festival. His short film Pain (1994) and some of his feature films were screened in Rotterdam. My Magic received a Palme d'Or nomination in Cannes in 2008.


(selection) Barbie Digs Joe (1990, short), Hope and Requiem (1991, short), August (1991, short), The Punk Rocker and... (1992, short),The Watchman (1993, short), Symphony 92.4 FM (1993, short), Pain (1994, short), Mee Pok Man (1996), Shier lou/12 Storeys (1997), Home VDO (2000, short), Be with Me (2005), My Magic (2008), Tatsumi (2011)