Eline Flipse

Eline FLIPSE studied French and Literature at the Sorbonne and graduated in 1978 from the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Since 1982 she has worked as a documentary maker and made e.g. a portrait of former Rotterdam festival director Marco Müller (ex-Pesaro, ex-Locarno, ex-Rotterdam, now Venice).


(selection) Het verschijnsel B (1982), De oogst van de stilte/Broken Silence (1995), De plastic droom (1996), Russian Travellers in Africa (1998), Typhoontschik (1999), Biografi (2000), Streven naar de zon (2001), Mourad - De man die niet bestond (2003), Galina (2004), Eat Your Enemy (2005), Nasha gazeta/Our Newspaper (2010)