Elian Somers

Elian Somers

Still: Ecumenopolis

Elian SOMERS (1975, Netherlands) is an artist based in Rotterdam. She has a background in photography and architecture which she uses to investigate the interplay between architecture and urban planning as well as ideologies and (geo)politics. Her projects A Stone from the Moon (2015–2023), One and Another State of Yellow (2013–2017), Border Theories (2009–2013), California City (2010–2012) and Droom als er ooit een was / A Dream if Ever There Was One (2006–2008) are long-term, research-based projects that can be perceived as critical tools for understanding and figuring out the present and the future. Somers' work has been shown at various international exhibitions including venues in the Netherlands and Germany.


Capital City (2022, short), Ecumenopolis (2022, short), Ecumenopolis (2024, instal)

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