Eléonore de Montesquiou

Eléonore DE MONTESQUIOU (1970, France) is an Estonian-French filmmaker and artist. She makes short fiction films, drawings and texts in a documentary style. Her work deals mainly with issues such as integration, immigration and the meaning of a nation.


(all short) Minu maja on minu maa/My Home Is My Castle (2001), Par exemple, ebenthal (2004), Delta (2004), Olga Olga Helena (2005), Sillamäe (2006), Emilia & Joanna (2008), Die Pendlerinnen (2008), Keel (2009), Naine (2009), Kalamees (2009), Kreenholm (2009), Vabrik (2010), Kinozal (2010), Radiotehnika (2012), Remember (2012)