Ehren BEARwitness Thomas

Ehren BEARwitness THOMAS (Ottawa, Canada) already started making videos while he was in Junior High and has since also worked in glass blowing, deejaying, music production and writing. The portrayal of native tribes play an important role in his films. Thomas is co-founder of the Native DJ collective A Tribe Called Red that hosts the monthly Electric Pow Wow event in Ottawa.


(all short, selection) Overstand "Remix 2003" (2003), Shooting North of 60 "Remix 2005" (2005), New Snake Oil Show (2006), Bassment Window (2006), withouthinking (2006), Death by Vibration (2006), The Story of Apanatschi and Her Redheaded Wrestler (2008), Rider... or Driving in Cars with My Father While Looking for Old Trains and Lost Indians (2008), BrokeDickDog (2008), eyes (2009), STRANGE HOME LAND (2009), Brave Step (2010), Make Your Escape (2010), Woodcarver (2011)