Edgar Reitz

Edgar REITZ (1932, Germany) studied German, Journalism and Theater Studies in Munich. Starting in 1957, he worked as a screenwriter, cinematographer and director of industrial and documentary films before making his first feature, Mahlzeiten (1966). He is best known for his Heimat trilogy, consisting of thirty-one individual feature-length films. He also taught at the Institute for Film Design in Ulm and authored a number of publications on film theory and film aesthetics, as well as stories, essays, poems and literary versions of his films. He founded the European Institute of Cinema Films (EIKK) in Karlsruhe in 1995 and headed this institute until 1998.


(selection) Mahlzeiten (1966), Stories of the Dumpster Kid (1971, co-dir), In Gefahr und gröter Not bringt der Mittelweg den Tod (1974, co-dir), Stunde Null (1976, co-dir), Heimat (1984, TV series), Heimat 2 (1992, TV series), Die Nacht der Regisseure (1995, doc), Heimat 3 (2004, TV series)

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