Dryden Goodwin

Dryden Goodwin op IFFR

Dryden GOODWIN (1971, UK) was educated in fine art and new media. He works with various forms of art, including video, installations, drawings, photography and animation. He combines the handmade and the digital to produce portraits of strangers that are both intimate and voyeuristic. His work is shown in exhibitions all over the world. Unseen: The Lives of Looking (2015) is his first feature film after a number of experimental films.


(selection) Heathrow (1994, short), Hold (1996, short), Ospedale (1997, short), Closer (2002, instal), Dilate (2003, instal), Flight (2006, short), Reveal (2003, short), Poised (2012, short), Unseen: The Lives of Looking (2015, doc)

Dryden Goodwin op IFFR

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