Dorit Margreiter

Dorit Margreiter op IFFR

In 1992, Dorit MARGREITER (1967, Austria) graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She works as a video and installation artist and as a photographer. As a director of short films she focuses on themes such as architecture, film and representations of gender in all sorts of ways. Since 2006, Margreiter has taught video and video installation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.


(all short) Ballgasseland (1992), Play Big (1995), complexul muzeal (1996), Film/Titel/Video (1997), Space Off (1997), Into Art (1998), Studiocity (1999), Vertrag (1999), Short Hills (1999), Short Hills Revisited (1999), I Like L.A. and L.A. Too (2001), Remake Las Vegas (2002), Women of the Orient (2003), The She Zone (2004), The World May Not Be Deep But It Is Definitely Shallow and Wide (2004), 10104 Angelo View Drive (2004), Grandeur et decadence d'un petit commerce de cinéma (2004), zentrum (2006), Exquisite Function (2007), Poverty Housing. Americus, Georgia (2008), Aporia (2009), Aporia (Cairo Version) (2008), Pavilion (2009), Broken Sequence (2013), cinéma (2014)

Dorit Margreiter op IFFR

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