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Dominic GAGNON (1974, Canada) is a musician, performer, inventor and filmmaker. In his latest films he uses a lot of web content, including controversial YouTube videos which would later be removed due to inappropriate content. In his films, Gagnon tries to discover the secrets of obsessions, identity and culture. In 2011, he was selected for a residency at Impakt in Utrecht. His film Hoax_canular (2013) won the prize for Best Canadian Film at the Montréal International Documentary Fesitval. Going South (2018) is the second part of a tetralogy about visual culture online.


(selection) Parapluie Bomb City(1996, short),Beluga Crash Blues (1997, short), Anchorage (1998, short), Du moteur à explosion (2000, short), Opération Cobra (2001), Iso (2002, doc), Sois fidèle et sincère (2004, short),The Making of Cobra (2004, short doc), The Matrix (2004, short), Total Recall/Réanimétrie (2004, short), Total Recall/Réanimétrie (2004, instal), Blockbuster History (2005, short), Haute Vitesse (2007, short), RIP in Pieces America (2009, doc), Data (2010, doc), Pieces and Love All the Hell (2011, doc), Big Kiss Goodnight (2012, doc), Hoax_canular (2013, doc), of the North (2015, doc), Going South (2018, doc)

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