David Philips

David PHILIPS (1970, Memphis, USA) lives and works in New York. Most of his works are co-directed with Paul Rowley. Their first collaboration, Suspension, was awarded a Golden Spire at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Together with Rowley, Philips directed a series of films that accompanied a live performance of John Cage's Sonatas and Interludes in New York in 2006.


Suspension (1998, short, co-dir), Geisterseher (1999, short), Carbon - 12 (2000, short), Kimpo (2000, short), Esther (2000, short), Gwai - lo (2001, short), Flight Path (2001, short), As Lathair (2002, short), Motion Test (2003, short), Condensate (2003, short), Entanglement (2004, short), Personal Effort (2004, short), Latent Heat (2004, short), Security Fugue (2004, short), Microfiche (2004, short), New Work For Solo Piano (2005, short), Some Americans (2005, short), Sonatas & Interludes (2006, instal, co-dir), Gravity Loop (2006, short), Sleep No More (2007, short), Commonwealth (2007, short), Surface Noise (2010, short, co-dir)