Dan Geesin

Dan Geesin (1970, UK) studied in Nottingham and Amsterdam. He makes films and videos as well as drawings, installations and music.


(all short) Middle Corridor (1996), In the Park (1996), Sheep Eat Grass (1997), The Garden (1998 co-dir), Driving (1999), Some Kind of a Killer (2000), Pool Shop (2001), For Hildo Krop (2001), A Short Film from Cannes (2002), Things to do Today (2003), Der Wolverlei (2003), The Man Who’s Roof Fell Off (2003), Clods (2003), Show Me the Way to Your Most Beautiful Place (2004), Flood (2005), Other Than You (2006), The Scientists Day Off (2006), Miniatures (2008), Fat Head (2009), Olifantenvoeten/Elephant Feet (2010)