Cyprien Gaillard

Cyprien GAILLARD (1980, France) graduated from Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne in 2005. His wide-reaching art practice includes sculpture, painting, photography, video, performance and large-scale public interventions. Cities of Gold and Mirrors (2009) is a non-narrative 16mm film that continues his investigation into built environments as sites of memory and loss, particularly as manifested in decaying post-war Modernist architecture. In 2010, Gaillard won the Prix Marcel-Duchamp. For Nightlife (2015), he used 3D to create a filmic sculpture. Ocean II Ocean was screened at Venice Art Biennale 2019.


(selection, all short) Real Remnants of Fictive Wars (2003-2004), The Lake Arches (2007), Desniansky Raion (2007), Color Like No Other (2007), Crazy Horse (2008), Cities of Gold and Mirrors (2009), Pruitt Igoe Falls (2009), Indian Palace (2010), Fields of Rest (2010), Artefacts (2011), Nightlife (2015), Ocean II Ocean (2019)