Clint Enns

Clint ENNS (Canada) is a video artist and filmmaker from Winnipeg whose work primarily deals with moving images created with broken and/or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally in installations, festival screenings, alternative spaces and microcinemas. He has recently completed a master's degree in Mathematics at the University of Manitoba, and his interests include model theory of rings and modules, structuralist film, destructuralist video, and mathematics in art.


(all short, selection) Botched Eyeball Operation (2007), On Light, or the Ingression of Forms (2007), Light is the first bodily form (2007), Debbie Does Ascii (an ascii pr0n from a 1981 BBS) (2007), The Death of Natural Language (2007), Vol. 9 no. 120 saturday, march 17, 2007 (2007), win'e-peg' sin'e-me-tek (2007), Prepare to Qualify (2008), winnipeg stories: sacrificial memories (2008), Exploration into Digital Representation (2008), a quiet disclosure on the nature of ambiguity (2008), Confused Rain (2008), reshaping the way we think about buildings (2008), Pliers, Coagulation Cream and Numbing Agent (2008), there is no G.O.D. without R.G.B. (2008), The Aesthetics of Failure (2008), Triangles of Confusion (2007), Sweat (2008), Windshield Baby Gameboy Movie (2009), Putting Yourself Out There (2009), Back + Forth (2009), Self Improvement (2010)