Cinthia Marcelle

Cinthia MARCELLE (1974, Brazil) holds a diploma in Fine Arts from the University of Mina Gerais. She lives and works in Belo Horizonte and presents her work in prestigious exhibitions. She makes short films and regularly works together wit college filmmaker Tiago Mato Machado. The possibillity of turmoil and chaos found in everyday life, inspires the duo. In the end of 2010, Marcelle won the Future Generation Art Prize, awarded by the Victor Pinchuck Foundation.


(all short) Buraco Negro (2008, co-dir), 475 Volver (2009), Cruzada (2010), Plataforma (2010, co-dir), Ao Plano (2011), Leitmotiv (2011), O Século (2011, co-dir), Rua de mão única/One Way Street (2014)