Christophe Loizillon

Christophe LOIZILLON (1953, France) has worked in almost all the possible positions within the film world. After his studies in Science and Economics, his career started as an editor for Christine Pascal, Leos Carax and Alain Corneau. He is known mainly as an actor and director of films like Le silence de Rak (1997), My Camera and Me (2002) and Corpus/Corpus (2009). Loizillon is co-president of ACID, Independent Feature Distributuion Agency.


Le panorama (1987, short), La jalousie (1989, short), Le silence de Rak (1997, co-dir), P.A.C.T. - Vivre avec son traitement (1998, short), P.A.C.T. - Vivre avec la maladie (1998, short), P.A.C.T. - Dire la maladie (1998, short), My Camera and Me (2002), Les visages (2003, short), Corpus/Corpus (2009, short), Homo/animal (2010, short), Familie (2011), Petit matin/Break of Day (2013, short)