Christina Battle

Christina Battle

Still: wandering through secret storms

Christina BATTLE (Canada) lives and works in Toronto, where she is an active member of the city's experimental film community. She holds a BSc specialising in Environmental Biology from the University of Alberta, a certificate in Film Studies from Ryerson University, an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a PhD in Art & Visual Culture from the University of Western Ontario. Battle's work is focussed around the topic of disaster: its complexity and the intricacies entwined within it. Her works have been exhibited internationally at festivals and galleries such as Window Winnipeg, Gallery 44 (Toronto), The Blackwood Gallery (Mississagua), The Grantham Foundation (Quebec), The Art Gallery of Burlington (Ontario) and The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Ontario).


(all short, selection) Tracking Sasquatch (2016), Cooper/Bridges Flight (2002), Oil Wells (2002), Gaffiti Test (2003), Paradise Falls, New Mexico (2004), Fall Storm (2004), Buffalo Lifts (2004), Following the Line of the Web (2004), Map (2005), The Distance Between Here and There (2005), Migration (2005), If I Could Read Your Mind (2005, instal), Travelling thru With Eyes Closed Tight (2006), Three Hours, Fifteen Minutes Before the Hurricane Struck (2006), Hysteria (2006), When the Wind Shifted (2006), Behind the Walls and Under the Stairs (2006), Wandering Through Secret Storms (2009), When the Smog-Filled Wind Began to Howl (2012), On the Day It Started There Wasn't a Cloud in Sight (2012), Tracking Sasquatch (2012), Forties (2012), We're Not Exactly Sure What Just Happened (One Through Four) (2013), Five States of Freedom (2013), Explorations of an Unexpected Time Traveler (2013), Tracking Sasquatch (field report #3) (2014), ∆ (when the cities burn) (2016), Tracking Sasquatch (field report #4) (2016), off this spinning rock (2016), Water once ruled (2018), BAD STARS (2018), connecting thru grasses (2020), seeds are meant to disperse (2022), the air we breathe (2023), Memory Rituals [Part One]: Memory of Trees (2023)

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