Chris Shepherd

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Chris SHEPHERD (1966, Liverpool) worked as editor and producer of commercials before he founded Slinky Pictures with Maria Manton, where he makes animation films for e.g. Channel Four. He recently completed his first feature Bad Night for the Blues (2010).


(short) Safari (1989), A Load of Balls (1992), Big Train (1997), Strongman (1997), Big Train (1997), The Broken Jaw (1997), Big Train (Series 1), (1998), The Big End (1999), School Disco (1999), Pop Skool (2000), Angry Kid (2000), The World Of Interiors (2001), Deckstar (2001), People's Britain (2001), The Girl and the Horse (2003), Dad's Dead (2003), Strange Times (2004), Bollocks to Cancer (2005), Nathan Barley (2005), Who I Am and What I Want (2005), Silence is Golden (2006), Bad Night for the Blues (2010, feature)

Chris Shepherd op IFFR

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