Chris Petit

Chris PETIT (1949, United Kingdom) is a film, television and documentary maker and author of thrillers and novels. After he made his debut in 1979 with the road movie Radio On, he went on to make several features, including the filming of P.D. James' An Unsuitable Job for a Woman. In the course of his development as film maker, Petit has shown an increasing desire to experiment with narrative forms and a growing fascination for the compositional possibilities of new digital technologies.


Radio On (1979), An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1981), Flying Fish Over Hollywood (1981, TV), Flight to Berlin (1983), Chinese Boxes (1984), Miss Marple: A Carribean Mystery (1989, TV), Moving Pictures: J.G. Ballard (1990, doc, TV), Suburbs in the Sky (1991, TV), Weather (1992, TV), London Labyrinth (1992, TV), The Cardinal and the Corpse (1993, TV), Surveillance (1993, TV), Thriller (1994, TV), Rudy Wurlitzer (1994, TV), Death of a Bank Manager (1995, TV), The Falconer (1998, TV), Dead TV (1998, TV), Radio On (remix) (1998, TV), negative space (1999, TV), Asylum (2000, TV), The Carfax Fragment (2001, TV), London Orbital (2002), Unrequited Love (2006), Content (2009)