Chris Newman

Chris NEWMAN (1958, London, UK) is an interdisciplinary artist who works in music, painting, video, drawing and literature. His paintings have been exhibited in the Diözesan Museum, Cologne, the Neue Museum, Nuremberg, as well as in the Neue Museum Weserburg, Bremen, and Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin. Newman's music compositions have been performed throughout Europe. He is currectly based in Berlin.


(selection, all short) Bodily Functions (1980), Sei ruhig mein Herz (1982), Everything I See In London (1984), Approaching Stuttgart (1984), 6 Long Waits In Paris & london (1984), Dandruff (1987), My Wife Is French (1987), Jealousy (1987), Cologne 2 (1987), Morrow (1988), Second Domestic Installation (1990), Fucking About Videos (1995), First Video Combine (2002), Slice Frame (2005), Slice Frame Stretched (2008), Day Part (2008), Day Part Double (2008), Superimposed Sad (2009)