Cameron Jamie

Cameron JAMIE (1969, USA) is an American film maker and visual artist. His work has explored and analyzed how the structures of mythology in popular and vernacular cultures are shaped and shared, and the extent to which they participate in the creation of individuals’ fictional worlds and fictional selves. His work has been shown widely and internationally. Jamie was the subject of a major retrospective exhibition at the Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2006 which traveled to MIT List Visual Arts Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007. In 2008, Jamie was the subject of the Artist in Focus at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. He lives and works in Paris, France.


(selection) Neotama Tape (1995), The New Life (1996, short), La baguette (1997, short), Upland BB Fighting Follies (1999), BB (2000, short), Stop for a Minute (excerpt) (2000, short), Kranky Claus (2003, short), Spook House (2003, short), JO (2004, short), Massage the History (2010, short)

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