Bruno Safadi

Bruno SAFADI (1980, Brazil) lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He studied Cinema and Film Studies in Niterói, Brazil. He has worked as assistant director to Julio Bressane, Ivan Cardoso and Nelson Pereira dos Santos. Safadi has directed shorts, feature films and the documentary Belair (2009). Many of his productions have been shown in Rotterdam.


Gosto que me enrosco/When I Love I Melt (2001, short), Na idade da imagem ou projeção nas cavernas/In the Age of Image or Projection in the Cave (2002, short), Uma estrela pra Ioiô/A Star for Ioiô (2003, short), Tabu totem/Taboo Totem (2005, short), Meu nome é Dindi/My Name Is Dindi (2007), Belair (2009, doc, co-dir), Éden/Eden (2012), O uivo da gaita/Harmonica’s Howl (2013), O fim de uma era/The End of an Age (2014)