Bruno Bigoni

Bruno Bigoni (1950, Milan) organised many film events. As a film-maker he divides his time between the big and small screens: video and commercial films. He is one of the founders of the Indigena Co-op, the most important meeting place for independent Italian film companies. He is also founder and editor of the magazine Sperdito nel buio and gives occasional lectures at the University of Milan.


Spaccati (1979-1980, short), L'attesa (1979-1980, short), La magia (1979-1980, short), Live (1983, with Kiko Stella), Nome di battaglia: Bruno (1987, short), Il mondo chiuso (1988, short), Confine incerto (1988, short), Occasioni di shopping (1988, episode), Zanzare (1989, short), Italia '90: Lavori in corso (1990, episode), Lux interior (1990, short), Stanza one-eleven (1991, short), Le lacrime amare di Petra (1991, short), Veleno (1993).