Bruce McClure

Bruce McCLURE (1959, USA) is an experimental filmmaker, performance artist and architect. The Brooklyn-based McClure makes films and performances in which 16mm film projectors play the leading role. With his idiosyncratic methods of projecting, McClure may call himself a worthy successor of radical avant-gardists such as Peter Kubelka, Ken Jacobs en Hollis Frampton. In 2015, IFFR dedicates a retrospective to McClure.


(all performances) The Southern Star Passes Without Pressure (1988), Indeterminate Focus (1999), Divorce American Style (1999), Quarter Draw (2001), Circle Jerks (2002), Synchro-Diachronic Gewgaws (2007), Film Lengths (2003), Film Loops (2003), Crib and Sift (2002-04), Presepe (2004), Chiodo (2004), New Work (2004), Christmas Tree Stand (2004), They Wakened Later, Simultaneously, Much Refreshed (2006), Rack and Slide (2006), Projector Placements (2006), Nethergate (2006), Untitled Compliment (2007), Reformed Lid After Lid in Tune (2008), Ventriloquent Agitators (2010), Pie Pelicane Jesu Dominae (2010), Each Flash Voided on a Buttress (2010), Textiles Through the Ages (2014), OBR #1 - #8 (2015)