Breda Beban

Breda BEBAN (1952, Novi Sad) studied art in Zagreb and Berlin and from 1983 did performances and created installations in film and video, often together with Hrvoje Horvatic.


Plan (1985, short), Making Performance (1985, short), Meta (1986, short), She, Four Things (1986, short), Bless My Hands (1986, short), All Our Secrets Are Contained in an Image (1987, short), On the Cherishing the Heart (1987, short), Taking On a Name (1987, short), Terirem (1988, short), Icons of Invisible Things (1988, short), For You In Me And Me In Them To Be One (1988, short), Geography (1989, short), For Tara (1991, short), The Left Hand Should Know (1992, short), Absence (1994, short)