Bettina Nürnberg

Bettina Nürnberg op IFFR

Bettina NÜRNBERG (1976, Germany) was educated in Art and Film in Hamburg, Berlin and Toulouse. Her films have been screened worldwide and she exhibits her other work throughout Germany. Nürnberg co-directs most of her films with Dirk Peuker, such as the short documentaries Zement (2014), Franzosensand (2016) and Elephant Bearing an Obelisk (2018). Both Nürnberg and Peuker also work in the fields of photography and sculpture.


(selection, all short) Lautlos (2002), Eine schemenhafte Welt (2002), Revolutionary Tea Party (2006, co-dir), Die innere unermesslichtkeit (2006), Tier im Wald/We Shall Leave The City (2007), Die Amerikanischen Häuser/The American Houses (2010, co-dir), Flache Dächer für Mussolini/Flat Roofs for Mussolini (2012, co-dir), Zement (2014, co-dir, doc), Franzosensand (2016, co-dir, doc), Elephant Bearing an Obelisk (2018, co-dir, doc)

Bettina Nürnberg op IFFR

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