Beto Brant

Beto BRANT (1964, Sao Paulo, Brazil) started his film career with several award-winning short films and music videos for the group Titas. Os matadores, his feature début, was screened in Rotterdam in 1997. His following feature films brought Brant several (inter)national prizes. Brant's films are often set in the Brazilian world of gangsters. Crime delicado forms a surprising exception to this.


Aurora (1987, short), Dov' e Meneghetti?/Where is Meneghetti? (short, 1989), Eternidad (short, 1991), Jó (short, 1992), Os matadores/Belly Up (1997), Açao entre amigos/Friendly Fire (1998), O Invasor/The Tresspasser (2001), Cura Dor (short, 2003), Confiança (short, 2004), Crime Delicado/Delicate Crime (2005)