Bertrand Bonello

Bertrand Bonello op IFFR

Bertrand BONELLO (1968, France) lives partly in Paris, partly in Montreal, and trained in classical music. He started making short films in 1993. In 1996 he made Qui je suis, a short film which he wrote, directed and acted in himself, and also composed music for. His second feature, Le pornographe (2001), was awarded the international film critics' prize in Cannes. Nocturama (2016) premiered at the Film Festival of Toronto.  


(selection) Quelque chose d'organique/Organic (1998), Le pornographe (2001), Tiresia (2003), Cindy, the Doll Is Mine (2005, short), My New Picture (2006, short), De la guerre/On War (2008), Where the Boys Are (2010, short), L'Apollonide - Souvenirs de la maison close/House of Tolerance (2011), Saint Laurent (2014), Nocturama (2016)

Bertrand Bonello op IFFR

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