Barbara Doser

Barbara DOSER (1961, Innsbruck) graduated in art history in 1989. She lives and works in Vienna as an artist with a focus on experimental video and video/media installations in the field of painting and photography.


(all short) Crossover (1995, co-dir.), Moments (1996-98), Runtime One (2001, co-dir.), See You See Me (2001), Facing Time, Parallel in an Orbit (2002, co-dir.), Don't Piss Down My back and Tell Me It's Raining (2002), Image(s)... loss (2002), Sunpendelum by Hofstetter (2003, co-dir.) Even Odd Even (2004), You the Life Into my Bosom der (2005), XXLux (2006), ORDER-RE-ORDER (2006), dream’sdreams (2006)