Bambitchell op IFFR

Sharlene BAMBOAT (1984, Pakistan) and Canadian Alexis MITCHELL form the artistic collective Bambitchell. Their research-based practice has formed through moving image, installation and performance works to re-imagine nationalist histories, through the playful recycling of official state documents and institutional archives, since 2009. The work of Bambitchell has been exhibited at festivals and galleries internationally, including Berlinale Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival and Mercer Union in Toronto. In 2020 they have an upcoming solo exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery. Bugs & Beasts Before the Law has its international premiere at IFFR 2020.


Empire Symbol, Or A Man and His Mule (2015, instal), Special Works School (2018, instal), Bugs & Beasts Before the Law (2020, short)

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Bambitchell op IFFR

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