Aydin Ketenag

Aydin Ketenag op IFFR

Aydin KETENAG (1976, Turkey) was educated in Computer Engineering and holds an MFA in Communication Science from the University of Kocaeli, where he now works as a lecturer at the Fine Arts faculty. Ketenag makes short films, documentaries and music videos. His film The Time Gap (2007) was nominated for a number of awards in Turkey.


(selection, all short) Araf/Purgatory (2001), Niobe'yi susturun/Niobe (2002), An/The Time Gap (2003), Deniz kiyisi kent/Sea Coast City (2005, doc), Cebir/Algebra (2007), Agit/The Lament (2012)

Aydin Ketenag op IFFR

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