Antonino D'Ambrosio

Antonino D'AMBROSIO (1971, USA) is an Italian-American author, filmmaker, visual artist and producer. According to D'Ambrosio, his work has largely been influenced by his experiences growing up in the Italian immigrant community in Philadelphia. D'Ambrosio is also the founder of La Lutta New Media Collective, a non-profit media production group that supports the work of emerging artists.


Welfare Reform: Rollback or Removal?(1996), once there was a Village(1999), Back in the Days: A time before Crack (2002), Struggle for a New Contract( 2002) The Contract and Beyond (2002), The Treatment Court Story (2002) Onde Judge, One Family (2004), Desaparecidos: Our History Oral History Project (2004) In the Land of Bolivar (2006), No Free Lunch (2008), The Bending Cross (2009), Let Fury Have the Hour (2012).