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Anthea KENNEDY (b. 1952, London) completed her film training at the Royal College of Art, School of Film and Television in London. Her films have been screened at various international festivals. Since 1977 she has cooperated a lot with Stephen Dwoskin. She is a lecturer on 16mm film in London.


Birdman (1975, short), The Reichstag Fire (1976, short), At the Fountainhead (1980), Caprices (1988, short), Letter to Germany (1991-92, short), Hollywood Now (1996), Walk (2000), Elegy (2001, short, co-dir), Bag of a Thousand Pockets (2002, short), Stella Polare (2006, co-dir), Face of an Angel (2008, short, co-dir), For Children (2009, instal, co-dir), View from Our House (2013, co-dir), Four Parts of a Folding Screen (2018, co-dir)

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