Andrew Lampert

As an artist, Andrew LAMPERT (1976, USA) works with film, video and performance. He primarily focuses on live multiple-projector pieces, portraits, short-term installations and private performances. Beside his filmmaking, Lampert works as an archivist at the Anthology Film Archives and has preserved films by artists including Bruce Connor and Jonas Mekas. He also teaches in the Film Department at Purchase College, New York State.


(all short) Benetton (2004), Untitled (2006), Double Benetton (2007), Man with a Movie Projector (2008, instal), Varieties of Slow (2008, instal), Question a Day (2008), Jacka Spades (2009), Magnus (2009), The Golden Mean: Charlemagne Palestine (2010), Caroline Golum As (2010), Etka and Masha: Teenagers of the Old World (2010), Madeline Victorious (2010), Some December (2011), King Sugar (2011), Taste Test (2011), Reversal Benetton (2011), All Magic Sands/Chappaqua (2013), El adios largos (2013), G is the Dial (2014)

Andrew Lampert op IFFR