Andrew Kötting

Andrew Kötting

Andrew KÖTTING (1959, United Kingdkom) graduated in 1985 from the Ravensbourne College of Art & Design and has made several 8mm and 16mm films for e.g. the BBC and Channel Four. Gallivant (1996) was his first feature film. The film went on in 2011 to be voted number 49 as Best British Film of All Time by the UK publication Time Out. Kötting also teaches at the University for the Creative Arts as professor of Time Based Media.


(selection) Early Works (1980), Forgive Me (1983), Klipperty Klopp (1984), Anvil Head the Hun (1986), Self Heal (1987), Erik and Ingrid (1988), Jäckofalltrades masterofnône inalandofman eâtingtrees (1988), Hub Bub in the Baöbabs (1989), Acumen (1990), Hoi Polloi (1990), H.B. 1829 (His Badblood) (1991), Fleshfilm (1992), Diddyköy (1992), Smart Alek (1993), Festival of Brent (1993), Gallivant the Pilot (1994), Là-Bas/Down There (1994), Jaunt (1995), Gallivant (1996), Donkeyhead (1998), Me (1999), Kingdom Protista (2000), Invalids (2001), This Filthy Earth (2001), Mapping Perception (2002), Nucleus Ambiguous (2002), Too G. (2002), In the Wake of a Deadad (2007), Ivul (2009), This Our Still Life (2011), Swandown (2012, doc), By Our Selves (2015), Edith (2016), Lek and the Dogs (2017)

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