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Andrés DUQUE (1972, Venezuela) studied Journalism in his homeland before moving to Spain to earn a Master’s in Creative Documentary at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. His documentary Iván Z (2004) was nominated for a Goya Award. He now works as a filmmaker, film programmer and teacher. Duque's documentary Carelia: Internacional con monumento/Karelia: International with Monument (2019) will have its world premiere at IFFR. 


Iván Z (2004, short doc), Paralelo 10 (2005, short doc), Landscapes in a Truck (2006, short doc), La constelación Bartleby/Bartleby’s Constellation (2007, short), Life Between Worlds Not in Fixed Reality (2008, short doc), All You Zombies (2008, short doc), No es la imagen es el objeto (2009, short), Color perro que huye/Color Runaway Dog (2011, doc), Ensayo final para utopia/Dress Rehearsels for Utopia (2012, doc), First Symptoms (2015, doc), Oleg y las raras artes/Oleg and Strange Arts (2016, doc), Carelia: Internacional con monumento/Karelia: International with Monument (2019, doc)

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Andrés Duque op IFFR

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