Ando Hiroshi

ANDO Hiroshi (1965, Japan) began making movies during his studies at the university in Tokyo. After assisting filmmakers, he made his debut as a filmmaker in 1993 with the erotic adult film Cho abnormal sex: hentai Mamire. Over the years he made more accessible films and also soaps for TV and films. In 2014, he made Undulant Fever, which will be screened at IFFR 2015.


Cho abnormal sex: hentai mamire (1993), Saraba gokudo/Dead Beat (1999), Blue (2002), Zoo (2004), Boku wa imôto ni koi wo suru/My Sister, My Love (2006), Ren'ai shindan/Love Diagnosis (2007, TV series), Kêtai deka/Mobile Detective: The Movie 3 (2011), Umi wo kanjiru toki/Undulant Fever (2014)