Ana Torfs

Ana TORFS graduated in 1986 in Communication Sciences from Leuven University and studied Film and Video at the St. Lukas Institute in Brussels. Her work consists of various slide projection installations, a web project, a video installation, photo series, a feature film and various publications.


Jeanne la Pucelle (1988, short), Akarova, M.L. Baugniet. L'entre-deux guerres (1991, co-dir: Jurgen Persijn, short), Mozartmateriaal (1993, co-dir: Jurgen Persijn, short), Achtergrond (1993, short), Il Combattimento (1993, Installation), Il Combattimento (1993, short), Condition (1995, short), Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten (1998), Du Mentir-faux (2000, installation), Elective Affinities / The Truth of Masks (2002, installation) Toast (2003), Verité exposée (2006)