Amit Goren

Amit GOREN (1957, Tel Aviv) studied film at the University of Tel Aviv and at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. He has worked as a writer/producer/director in documentary, fiction and video art. His films have been broadcast in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan and exhibited at various museums and galleries, among which the MoMA in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris. Goren has been awarded at numerous festivals for his films including the Silver Wolf at IDFA for Map (2003). He currently teaches at the Sapir College School for Film & Television.


Attorney (1986, doc), The Cage (1989, short), Israeli Salad (1991, short doc), 66 Was a Good Year for Tourism (1992, doc), 6 Open. 21 Closed (1994, doc), Good or Bad, Black and White (1995, doc), Thy Father’s Name (1996, short doc), Test Drive (1996, short), Babylon and Jerusalem (1997, short doc), Another Land (1998, doc), Perets and the Wolf (1999, short doc), Your Nigger Talking (1999, instal), Ido Sela, Kibbutz Kfar Hanasi (2000, short), Ullman’s Earth (2000, doc), Apropos Mizrachi (2001, doc), Makom Project (2002, short), Yellow (2002, short), Map (2003, doc instal), Control (2003, doc instal), Golan (2003), Three (2003, instal), One, Two, Three (2003, instal), One Little Question (2006, short doc), Dangerous Children (2006, short doc), Rosh Geranium (2006, doc), Dear Edmond (2006, doc)