Adriana Vila Guevara

Adriana Vila Guevara op IFFR

Adriana VILA GUEVARA is a Venezuelan filmmaker, artist and anthropologist. Her work moves between the realms of confessional ethnographic studies and film experimentation using different formats (video, super8 and 16mm) and exhibition forms (projection, performance or installation). She holds a Doctorate in Anthropology from the University of Barcelona and teaches documentary and experimental filmmaking at several film and art institutions, as well as photochemical laboratory practices. In 2014 she co-founded Crater-Lab, a laboratory for independent analogue film. Her first documentary feature Belen premiered at FIDMarseille in 2016. Even Silence Is Cause of Storm, co-created with Luis Macias, was performed as part of the sound//vision programme of IFFR 2017.


Compact Observation (2009, instal), Back Then (2011, short), Tejido conectivo (2011, performance, co-dir), Seward Intending Home (2011, short), Tejido (2011, instal), L'Eclipse (2012, instal, co-dir), Red Over the Right Eye (2012, instal, co-dir), Reels & Lights (2012, instal), And then the Night (2012, performance, co-dir), Aberration in RGB (2012, instal), Rota-Velle (2013, instal), 3quinox (2013, instal), Film Performance Jam Session (2013, performance, co-dir), Jam (Insideout) (2013, performance, co-dir), Belen (2016, doc), Del acto de recordad, una constelación de observaciones (2016, instal), Even Silence is Cause of Storm (2016, performance, co-dir), Visión Intertropical (2018, short, co-dir) The Under-Exile (2020, performance, co-dir)

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Adriana Vila Guevara op IFFR

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