Adrián Melis

Adrián Melis op IFFR

Artist Adrián MELIS (1985, Cuba) studied at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. His videos, photographs and installations explore the current socio-economic circumstances in both Cuba and Europe. Since 2010, Melis has been based alternately between Cuba and Europe. His work has been included in several international exhibitions and is included in private and public collections, including MACBA, Barcelona.


(selection, all short) Vigilia/Night Watch (2005-2006, doc), ¿Cómo se construye un almacén?/How is an storehouse built? (2007), Here Everybody Takes Care of Me (2007), Elaboración de cuarente piezas rectangulares para la construcción de un piso/The Making of Forty Rectangular Pieces for a Floor Construction (2008), The Value of Absence - Excuses to Be Absent from Your Work Center (2009-2010, doc), Moments That Shaped the World I-III (2012-2013), Ovation (2013), The New Man and My Father (2015), Engagement Rate Formula (2019)

Adrián Melis op IFFR

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