Adolfo Arrieta

Adolfo Arrieta op IFFR

Adolfo ARRIETA (1942, Spain) was trained as a painter, and in the mid-60s he made several independent short films before moving to France in 1967. He worked in 1969 with actor Jean Marais (Le jouet criminel), the muse of Jean Cocteau, and  ever since has continued working on an idiosyncratic oeuvre that mostly leaves the line between reality and fantasy porous.


El crimen de la pirindola (1965, short), Imitación del ángel (1966, short), Le jouet criminel (1969, short), Le château de Pointilly (1972, short), Les intrigues de Sylvia Couski (1974), Tam Tam (1976, short), Flammes (1978), Grenouilles (1983, short), Delirios de amor (1989, TV series, episode Kiki, la gata), Merlín (1990, short), Eco Y Narciso (2004, short), Vacanza permanente (2006, short), Dry Martini (2008, short), Belle dormant (2016)

Adolfo Arrieta op IFFR

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