Abbas Kiarostami

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Abbas KIAROSTAMI (1940, Iran – 2016, France) was trained as a painter at the University of Tehran. He made dozens of commercials before joining the staff of Kanun (Center for Intellectual Development of Children and Adolescents), where he set up the Film Department. He was founder of the Iranian New Wave cinema and is regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers. His contemplative work broke with conventions of both feature and documentary film, and never stopped challenging the role of the audience. With Taste of Cherry (1997) he won the Golden Palm, with The Wind Will Carry Us (1997) the Silver Lion. Like Someone In Love (2012) is his last completed feature film. 


Nan va koutcheh/The Bread and Alley (1970, short), Ghasr-e Jahan Nama/Jahan Nama Palace (1972, short), Zang-e tafrih/Breaktime (1972, short), Tadjrobeh/The Experience (1973, short, co-dir), Mossafer/The Traveler (1974), Dow rahe hal baraye yek massaleh/Two Solutions for One Problem (1975, short), Manam mitounam/So Can I (1975, short), Lebassi baraye aroussi/The Wedding Suit (1976, short), Rang ha/The Colours (1976, short), Bozorgdasht-e mo'allem/Tribute to the Teachers (1977, TV), Gozarech/The Report (1977), Az oghat-e faaghat-e khod cheguneh estefadeh konim/How We Should Use Our Free Time (1977, short), Rah-e hal-e yek/Solution No I (1978), Ghazieh-ye-shekl-e aval, ghazieh-e shekl-e dovom/First Case, Second Case (1979, short), Behdasht-e dandan/Dental Hygiene (1980, short), Be tartib va bedoun-e tartib/Orderly or Inorderly (1981, short), Hamsarayan/The Chorus (1982, short), Hamshahri/Fellow Citizen (1983, short doc), Avali ha/First Graders (1985, doc), Kaneh-ye doust kojast?/Where Is My Friend's Home? (1988), Mashgh-e shab/Homework (1990, doc), Nema-ye nazdik/Close-up (1990), Zendegi edamé dârad/Life and Nothing More... (1992), Zir-e derakhtan-e zeytoun/Through the Olive Trees (1994), A propos de Nice, la suite (1995, segment Répérages), Lumière et compagnie (1995, segment Dinner for One), Tavalod-e nur/Birth of Light (1997, short), Tam' e guilass/Taste of Cherry (1997), Baad ma ra khahad bord/The Wind Will Carry Us (1999), ABC Africa (2001, doc), Dah/Ten (2002), Panj/Five (2003, doc), Ten on 10 (2004), Five (2004), Roads of Kiarostami (2005, short doc), Tickets (2005, co-dir), Chacun son cinéma ou Ce petit coup au coeur quand la lumière s'éteint et que le film commence/To Each His Own Cinema (2007, segment Where Is My Romeo?), Kojast jaye residan (2007, short doc), Shirin (2008), Copie conforme/Certified Copy (2010), No (2011, short), Like Someone In Love (2012), Venice 70: Future Reloaded (2013, co-dir), Correspondencia Víctor Erice – Abbas Kiarostami (2016, co-dir), 24 Frames (2016, short), Take My Home (2016, short) 

Abbas Kiarostami op IFFR

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