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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Sándor Reisenbüchler

Sándor REISENBÜCHLER (1935-2004, Budapest) was a Hungarian animation film director and graphic artist. He graduated in film directing from the Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. Reisenbüchler was one of the most significant filmmakers of the legendary Pannónia Film Studio in Budapest, joining in 1965. As a self-taught graphic artist with pop-art influences, he was mainly interested in exploring folk tales, fantastic and ecological themes in his work. Frequently referred to as the ‘loneliest artist’ of Hungarian cinema, the ‘hermit of animation’, he made his auteur films in a one-man, free verse-like way. In his collage films, he presents the universal struggle between Good and Evil, with the central question being the responsibility for culture and the natural environment. His films garnered success not only in Hungary, but worldwide. Reisenbüchler was given the highest national prize for his achievements in 1993: the Kossuth Award.


(selection, all short) Egy portré századunkból/A Portrait from Our Century (1965), The Kidnapping of the Sun and the Moon (1968), Barbárok ideje/The Age of the Barbarians (1970), Az 1812-es év/The Year of 1812 (War and Peace) (1972), Pánik/Panic (1978), Isten veled kis sziget/Farewell Little Island (1987), Allegro vivace (1990), Zöld intelmek mindennapra (1992), Ecotopia (1995), Boldog világvége (1999), A fény pillanata/The Advent of Light (2002) 

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Sándor Reisenbüchler op IFFR

  • The Year of 1812 (War and Peace)

    Een haast psychedelisch lichtgevende invocatie van de Slag bij Borodino op de klanken van Tsjaikovski’s 1812 Overture (1880).

    • Cinema Regained
  • A Portrait from Our Century

    Een associatieve animatie van foto’s en schilderijen toont de geschiedenis van de mens en de lotgevallen die hun sporen nalaten op een gezicht.

    • Cinema Regained
  • The Age of the Barbarians

    Kakelbonte kijk op de gruwelijke grimmigheid van onze moderne tijd in de vorm van een funky fotocollage-animatie.

    • Cinema Regained