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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025

Mauricio Martínez

Argentine art director, designer, painter, sculptor and set designer Mauricio MARTÍNEZ has mainly worked in the advertising sector of film. He has been the art director for the channell 11 Buenos Aires program Aquí Hortensia. In 2012 he was the art director for the feature film Piñón Fijo y la magia de la música (2012). To date he has directed and written 70 chapters of Tomsi, a series of short puppet films. He currently teaches painting and drawing at Aguas de la cañada Art and Design Institute, Córdoba and has conducted art direction seminars for the University of Cinema of Cordoba, Argentina.


Piñón fijo y la magia de la música (2012), Tomsi (2018), Seven Fragments of Her Life (2024)

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