How will the IFFR 2021 programme take shape?

Adapting to Covid-19 restrictions, IFFR has changed to an expanded multi-part hybrid structure, spanning from February to June 2021. The festival kicks off from 1 – 7 February, with physical and virtual screenings of its competitions and an online edition of the IFFR Pro Days. IFFR will close its anniversary 2 – 6 June, with a festive celebration, including outdoor presentations and screenings in cinemas throughout the country. Connecting these two elements will be an array of physical and online events.

What does my badge provide access to during IFFR 2021?

Press accreditation will provide access to the online Press & Industry screenings, the online Masterclasses & Talks and the online Pro Days programme.
The physical programme for the February element of IFFR 2021 will be open to national and local audiences. If you are located in the Netherlands and want to attend a physical screening, you will be required to purchase a ticket.
The specifics regarding the physical programme in between February and June, and for the June element, are yet to be confirmed. Keep an eye on the website for any updates.