Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 2013 - Winners

During the ceremony of the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films Monday evening 28 January 2013, Beatrice Gibsons The Tiger's Mind, Zachary Formwalt's Unsupported Transit and Erik van Lieshout's Janus have been announced as the winners.

Next to the three Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films, another short has been nominated by International Film Festival Rotterdam for the European Film Awards 2013: Though I Know the River is Dry by the Egyptian filmmaker Omar Robert Hamilton.

Canon Nederland, sponsor of the Canon Tiger Awards for Short Films, offers the four winners each a Canon camera EOS-M with 22mm pancake lens.


Janus - Erik van Lieshout (the Netherlands, 2012)
About a man from a working-class neighbourhood in Rotterdam-Zuid named Janus, a collector of curiosities who has recently died. And about art.

The Tiger's Mind Beatrice Gibson (United Kingdom, 2012)
'The tiger fights the mind that loves the circle that traps the tiger.' Cardew's score informs this abstract, collaborative and prodigious crime thriller.

Unsupported Transit - Zachary Formwalt (the Netherlands, 2011)
Set on a construction site in Shenzhen, China's first Special Economic Zone, where a new stock exchange designed by Rem Koolhaas is being built.