Dutch Post-production Award

What is the Dutch Post-production Award?

The Dutch Post-production Award is a collaboration between the Netherlands Film Fund, the Hubert Bals Fund, and the Netherlands Post production AllianceThe award can be used for post-production expenses, and has to be spent at members of the Netherlands Post production Alliance. The fixed contribution for this category is €50,000. 

Who can apply for the Dutch Post-production Awards?

Only projects previously supported by the Hubert Bals Fund are eligible to apply to the Dutch Post-production Awards, meaning projects supported for Script and Project Development, HBF+Europe and/or NFF+HBF.

What is the right stage for a project to apply for the Dutch Post-production Awards?

For the Post-production Award, we welcome projects previously supported by the HBF, that are in financing or have finished shooting. If your film will have its first public screening during the period of the HBF’s selection procedure, it is too late to submit your project.

Is it necessary to have other financiers/partners in place?

There are no regulations that require a certain percentage of funding to be in place at the time of applying. However, preferably projects submitted to the Dutch Post-production Awards have received national (production) funding and have more than 50% of the budget in place at the time of applying.
Projects in financing should start their principal photography before 1 September 2019.

Is it mandatory for a Dutch producer to be attached to the project?

For applications in financing: yes.
For work-in-progress applications: it is not mandatory for a Dutch producer to be attached to the project at the time of applying. However, if the project is selected for the grant a Dutch producer should eventually be attached.

How do I find a Dutch producer?

Please check the NFF+HBF Guide that that contains a company profile and contact details of all eligible Dutch production companies. You can find it here.

When can I apply?

The Dutch Post-production Award will be awarded once a year, during IFFR. For upcoming deadlines please see here.

How do I apply?

After you have read and understood the Regulations, login to MyIFFR. The application form will become available in MyIFFR two weeks before the deadline. You can upload the project dossier in the entry form.

What information is required in the dossier for the Dutch Post-production Award?
  • Synopsis
  • Script
  • Optional: rough cut (via online streaming platform e.g. Vimeo)
  • Director’s biography and filmography
  • Director’s statement (max. 3 pages)
  • Producer’s biography and filmography
  • Producer’s statement (max. 3 pages)
  • Optional: producer’s biography & statement of the Dutch co-producer (if attached)
  • Finance plan
  • Written explanation on finance strategy
  • Top sheet of the total budget
  • Post-production budget
  • Post-production plan, including Dutch expenditure and preferred NPA member
  • Optional: production schedule (including first day of principal photography)
  • Post-production schedule (including picture lock date; final delivery date and expected premiere date)
  • Release and distribution strategy
  • Optional when no rough cut is available: rushes or teaser

Compile all items above in 1 PDF or Word document and upload this in MyIFFR before submitting your application form and link to your rough cut. Only complete dossiers received by the deadline will be taken into consideration.

What is a (post-)production plan?

A timeline of the estimated period that you will work on finishing the film. It should include post-production activities, deliveries, and estimated premiere and release dates. Of course, we are aware that these dates are subject to change.

Where can I spend the Dutch Post-production Award?

Only in the Netherlands.

Who selects the projects?

The selection committee consists of several staff members of the Netherlands Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund.

When and how do I hear any results?

The selection committee will reach their decision to invite 6 projects to pitch their film during the Dutch Post-production Session in the beginning of January. Applicants will be informed by e-mail. The awards will be handed out during the IFFR Pro Award Ceremony on Wednesday 30 January 2019 at International Film Festival Rotterdam.